Teflon PTFE series
Expanded PTFE sealant joint
PTFE Tubing(Fine power)
PTFE Diaphragm
PTFE o-ring
PTFE envelope non-asbestos
PTFE sheet/rod
FEP envelope Viton O-ring
PFA Tubing
Gland Packing series
PTFE packing
PTFE Graphite packing
Carbon fiber packing
Flexible graphite packing
Aramid fiber packing
Acrylic Nitrile (PAN) packing
PTFE Muti-Filament packing
Asbestos packing with PTFE
Gasket series
Spiral wound gaskets
Ring joint gaskets
Lens gaskets
Corrugated gaskets
Camprofile gaskets
Double jacket graphite gasket
Plastic products
Die formed graphite ring
Sealing sheet series
Expanded Graphite sheet
Non-asbestos sheet
Tanged/foil graphite sheet
Rubber (EPDM,NBR) sheet
Fiber glass cloth
Ceramic fiber cloth
Cork sheet
Wool felt sheet
Tower packing
Pall ring
Tellerette packing
Muti-surface hollow ball
PP ball
Rashing ring
Plastic ripple padding
Orifice corrugate packing
Wire mesh corrugate packing
Rubber series
Viton rubber sleeves
EPDM Extrusion
Neoprene Mouldings
Silicone rubber sheet
Nature rubber grommets
Nitrile Rubber oil seal
Aflas O ring
Fluorosilicone Rubber
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   Products regimentation
·Expanded PTFE sealant joint
·PTFE Diaphragm
·PTFE envelope non-asbestos
·FEP envelope Viton O-ring
·PTFE Tubing(Fine power)
·PTFE o-ring
·PTFE sheet/rod
·PFA Tubing
·PTFE packing
·Carbon fiber packing
·Aramid fiber packing
·PTFE Muti-Filament

·PTFE Graphite packing
·Flexible graphite packing
·Acrylic Nitrile (PAN)

·Asbestos packing
·with PTFE
·Spiral wound gaskets
·Lens gaskets
·Camprofile gaskets
·Plastic products
·Ring joint gaskets
·Corrugated gaskets
·Double jacket graphite gasket
·Die formed graphite ring
·Expanded Graphite sheet
·Tanged/foil graphite sheet
·Fiber glass cloth
·Cork sheet
·Non-asbestos sheet
·Rubber (EPDM,NBR)

·Ceramic fiber cloth
·Wool felt sheet
·Pall ring
·Muti-surface hollow ball
·Rashing ring
·Orifice corrugate packing
·Tellerette packing
·PP ball
·Plastic ripple padding
·Wire mesh corrugate packing
·Viton rubber sleeves
·Neoprene Mouldings
·Nature rubber grommets
·Aflas O ring
·EPDM Extrusion
·Silicone rubber sheet
·Nitrile Rubber oil seal
·Fluorosilicone Rubber

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